Meir Waknine is a family man, business professional, and consultant. With experience in managing companies in the insurance and real-estate sector. Through-out his years he has developed on multiple successful businesses and is now diving into the technology sector with his new app Ziplist Nightlife. Meir has helped multiple small business owners in Los Angeles start their ventures, either through investment, or strategic consultation, by helping them reach their goals, and take charge of aspects of their business that didn’t stand out at first.  Mr.Waknine has a straight-forward mind set that can easily absorb new ideas and suggestions, that simultaneously transforms those ideas  into tangible output for your company to thrive. Magazine Mountain is a new venture with a partner of Mr. Waknine in which they have stumbled upon the #1 collection of vintage magazines , and they are selling it to the public. Ziplist Nightlife however, is guest list promotion company that allows users to sign up to prestigious nightlife venues via website or app in advance,then wait for Ziplist to approve them instead of going through the headache of contacting the venue directly and waiting like everyone else.

Current Ventures: